The Huffington Post: Let’s Regulate Frequent Flier Programs. Here’s Why.

Travelers and industry experts are divided on the issue of whether there should be any new regulation. For now, the DOT is charting a tentative course, which includes strengthening its enforcement and proposing new regulations that would make it easier to find out about program changes.

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The Washington Post: Frequent-flier programs could face tighter regulation — if customers speak up.

The federal government is on the verge of regulating airline frequent-flier programs. But how far it goes may depend on you.

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CNBC: Saving reward points and miles isn't a sound money strategy

In all, consumers are holding on to 195.4 billion unredeemed loyalty points in hotel, airline, retail and other loyalty programs — about 70 percent of all points earned or available since the start of the year, per new data from reward platform Switchfly.com.

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U.S. News & World Report: How Banks Are Working to Gain Your Loyalty

Credit cards are an obvious way to draw in customers. One way banks try to get customers in the door is with a rewards credit card. Daniel Farrar, CEO of loyalty program platform Switchfly, points to Citibank and its Thank You Rewards program as a prime example of how banks are using points programs to drive business.

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Inc.: These Are the Best Airline Rewards Programs of 2016

Savvy business travelers know to collect miles and points, which can later be cashed out for discounted airfare. Recently, there's been an increase in the availability of these "award" seats.

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Fortune: Redeeming Frequent Flier Miles Is Getting Much Easier

According to the Switchfly Reward Seat Availability Survey, which was released on Wednesday in conjunction with consumer-focused IdeaWorks, airlines will be offering their frequent fliers more reward seats.

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The Wall Street Journal: The Best and Worst Frequent-Flier Rewards Programs for 2016

There’s good news for frequent fliers: Airlines are slowly, cautiously increasing availability of hard-to-find frequent-flier award tickets.

The bad news? Much of the improvement is happening abroad and the largest frequent-flier program, from American Airlines, appears to have gotten stingier with loyalty benefits, according to an annual survey of award availability. The price of awards is going up, too.

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Valentine’s Day Travel: Lovers Love the Bahamas

New data from Switchfly reveals that the Bahamas is the most popular travel destination in the world for Valentine’s Day, followed by Orlando, Las Vegas and Cancun


29 Daily Habits of Incredibly Successful Executives

Inc. - Check out these quotes from 29 successful executives who credit simple daily habits for helping them get ahead.
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'No Blackout Dates' Doesn't Mean Unlimited Availability

Huffington Post Business - Finding an airline rewards program with no "blackout dates" used to be a big accomplishment for savvy travelers. These days, though, it isn't much to brag about.

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