Why Airlines and Airports Are Integrating Third Party Services Into Mobile Apps

Expect more third-party integration in the future, thanks to vendors building out solutions with API-based access native rather than bolted on top. Switchfly wants to help airlines handle hotel bookings during irregular operations via a similar app add-on, for example. The company demonstrated a proof of concept for that use case during the recent IATA World Passenger Symposium.

Disrupting Travel Disruption: Can Switchfly’s IROP Solution Help Airlines Turn Crises Into Opportunity?

Switchfly developed its Airline IROP Management solution to turn what many would view as a logistical and financial nightmare into an opportunity to boost passenger loyalty and ancillary revenues. It does this by managing the re-accommodation process directly through mobile devices. Passengers can view available hotels on their smartphone and select a room without ever seeing the price or having to approach the airline’s kiosk. 

Travel disruption cost airlines and passengers tens of billions

Travel commerce platform Switchfly becomes the latest travel technology company offering to help airlines solve costly Irregular Operations (IROP) incidents by making passenger re-accommodation faster and easier.

In a new Travel Disruptions: Airline IROP Management report, Switchfly estimates the cost of IROP to airlines as at least $8.3 billion and the cost to passengers in lost time at $16.7 billion.

Can airlines speed up their adoption of new technology? And should they?

Douglas Gaccione, executive vice president, global growth and marketing at Switchfly says he sees some regions embracing change more readily than others, with a few willing to take risks on new digital technologies and others following quickly thereafter once the concept has proven successful.

Switchfly and WestJet Partner on Multi-Source Travel Packaging

Switchfly and WestJet Partner on Multi-Source Travel Packaging

Transforming travel for new markets and traveler expectations

SAN FRANCISCO, OCTOBER 5, 2017 – Switchfly, a travel commerce company for direct channel booking, and WestJet, a leading Canadian airline, are partnering to better manage and expand WestJet’s ability to dynamically package flight and hotel to all destinations. WestJet will offer its guests a more complete travel experience while increasing ancillary revenue.