Airline Irregular Operations (IROP) Management

Quickly accommodate travelers affected by irregular operations

Switchfly’s Airline IROP Management allows airlines to move the entire interrupted operations process online and automatically accommodate stranded passengers while minimizing impact on their own employees. Once notified, customers can choose their own hotel from airline-contracted inventory.



  • Ensure the best rates by utilizing our revenue management tool & hotel inventory for deeply discounted/CUG rates

  • Personalize the offer with custom rules by membership tiers

  • Streamline operational requirements necessary to manage irregular operations

  • Improve customer satisfaction and avoid traveler frustration by minimizing the time to accommodate affected passengers


  • Three simple steps: Scroll, Select, Sleep

  • Our partner, Conztanz, connects directly to the airline’s PSS to read PNR so Switchfly can alert the passenger and provide accommodation when a flight is cancelled

  • Leverage our hotel supplier network to provide choices to the traveler and cost savings to the company

  • Minimize company costs and reduce employee stress by streamlining your management of irregular operations - deploy less staff and achieve greater results


Implementing and Engaging with Switchfly’s Airline IROP Management

Switchfly has done all the heavy lifting for you, integrating a rich list of inventory providers to give you built-in ease of implementation. You can tailor messaging, pricing and offers for each customer.

Managed Service

Switchfly handles all contractual relationships and negotiations with suppliers so you truly have one contract, one point of contact. LEARN MORE


You handle all contractual relationships with suppliers. Switchfly APIs enable connections between suppliers.

passengers are stranded due to IROP

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